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You’ve just lovingly fired up a barbecue, and plan to whip up some delicious sausages, burgers, and chicken breasts for the family. But to your disappointment, your guests reach for the ketchup and mustard as soon as the food is ready – without even trying the meat on its own.

For true flavor, many grill lovers recommend you invest in a reliable smoker. Not only does it make meat more succulent and tasty, but it creates a level of tenderness that’s hard to beat. Ribs end up falling off the bone and will just melt in your mouth.

There’s also the safety element if you want to eliminate the risk of food poisoning. When you’re using other appliances such as kettles, there’s always the danger that the temperature might fluctuate, meaning that high-risk meats such as turkey might not be thoroughly cooked. Yet cutting-edge smokers rarely fluctuate from their set temperature, making them ideal for low-maintenance slow cooking.

This Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review will walk you through all of the features you need to be aware of, helping you to make an informed decision.

Why should you choose a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

Masterbuilt is a trusted brand, and there are hundreds of five-star Masterbuilt electric smoker reviews online. The company has done a good job of realizing that no two families are the same. Whereas some of us might only need a small smoker that’s enough to feed three people, there are others who need plenty of capacity for throwing parties and giving sustenance to the in-laws fast. As such, you can choose from 30-inch and 40-inch models, which offer front drip pans with 700 and 900 square inches of cooking space respectively.

This cooking product comes with a sleek, steel exterior, meaning it looks the part. If you’re looking to prepare a full meal, the smokers allow you to do so with ease thanks to their four smoking racks. As such, you can effortlessly place some vegetables to grill on the higher racks, with some chicken, jerky or pork on the lower shelves. If you prefer, it is possible to remove some of the racks if you’re cooking a lot of meat simultaneously.

Although Masterbuilt’s flagship model does not come with a window, and is operated digitally from the top, there are other models which offer a glass front, making it easier to check on the progress of your food.

What should I use a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker for?

Considering that the thermostat of Masterbuilt electric smokers ranges from 100 to 275 degrees F, it is suitable for most foodstuffs. However, it may take longer to prepare poultry, especially if you don’t want the skin on your chicken or turkey to become chewy.

This model comes recommended if you like cooking your meat slowly – not least because of the consistent thermostat mentioned earlier. For chefs who often lose track of the time, a digital timer that’s programmable anywhere from 0 to 24 hours will guarantee consistency in the end result.

As there is an external tray for adding wood chips, it ensures that you don’t need to constantly open the door and affect the internal temperature of this well-insulated machine.

Another great thing we found in our Masterbuilt smoker reviews is the ability to add an individual touch to every meal you create. There’s also a removable water pan for adding flavorings such as vinegar or lemon juice, which will then be infused with the meat and vegetables smoking inside. You should never underestimate the power of drippings from the meat in creating a mouth-watering sauce either, and so the tray at the bottom of the smoker is another nice touch.

What are the specifications of Masterbuilt Smokers?     

One of the buzzwords you often hear while shelling out for a new appliance is “energy efficiency.” And thankfully, Masterbuilt smokers are very economical in terms of the wood chips you’ll need while preparing a meal. Thanks to this, there’s no need to be reluctant if you’re only cooking a small amount of food. Plus, each appliance produced by this brand is well insulated, meaning that all heat remains contained within the smoker irrespective of outdoor temperature.

It does come with a direct plug, but there is a downside: the electrical cord that accompanies the smoker is quite short. Because of this, there might be a need to invest in an extension cable so you can use the mains outlet inside, or if budget permits an outdoor plug.

Overall, the 30″ model provides 1.7 cubic feet of space for smoking food, which naturally increases if you decide to fork out for the 40″ appliance. It comes with a control panel where you can change settings and even start the machine at the touch of a button, making confusing dials a thing of the past. Plus, the digital timer mentioned earlier is accompanied by automatic shut-off, reducing the chance of the meal you’ve been slaving over ending up burnt after you get back from work.

A final worthwhile feature we’ll mention in this section of our Masterbuilt electric smoker review is the air damper, which allows you to adjust smoke levels within the machine. As such, if you’ve got a wonderful cut of meat, you’ll ensure the taste remains unchanged during the cooking process.

So in conclusion, Masterbuilt smokers are built to last, and offer consistent performance that’s often difficult to find with other appliances. It’ll transform the taste of meat, vegetables, and fish. Who knows: your relatives might even tuck in without reaching for the mustard from now on.

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review in brief: Benefits

  • Temperature is automatically regulated between 100 and 275 degrees F
  • Timer between 0 and 24 hours, plus auto shut-off
  • A 90-day warranty is provided with new models, plus excellent customer support
  • These smokers come recommended for both beginners and experts
  • Wheels make it easy to transport the smoker outside
  • In-built lights allows you to see how your food is cooking
  • Handheld remote control provided, but make sure you stock up on AAA batteries in advance

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